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Juanita Francis

Elder Juanita Francis, born in London, UK is the eldest daughter of Bishop John & Co-Pastor Penny Francis, who are the founders of Ruach City Church UK (one church in several locations). Her ministry of the Word is unique and remarkable and yet not surprising as she is birthed from such a powerful anointing. Juanita is clearly gifted but she will be the first to admit that her success is solely as a result of the anointing that rests on her life. An atmosphere changer, her ministry ushers everyone into the presence of the Lord for an experience that is truly life changing.



Desire to inject the Spirit of Excellence of the company into each individual, cultivating their gift and reminding them that they are “Dancing for An Audience of One!”



Juanita began her ministry, as a Prophetic Praise Dancer at 7 years old. Her first appearance on stage was with Pastor Donnie McClurkin at the ‘Live in London’ recording where she accompanied him in dance during the Caribbean Medley and sang the famous line “Someday”. Juanita has attained a Distinction Level National Diploma in Performing Arts and is the CEO and Founder of Mechowlah Dance Company. In 2009 Juanita produced her first Dance DVD called; “Juanita Francis…. Celebrating 10 years...” The DVD was a range of her most favourite dances with “Close-up & personal” interviews about Juanita and how she became a dancer.



Throughout her ministry, Juanita has ministered through dance on various platforms: The ‘Weapons of Power’ Conference hosted by Prophetess Juanita Bynum, the ‘Order My Steps’ Conference hosted by her father, Bishop John Francis, The TBN Program and The ‘Dancing With Authority’ Conference hosted by The Chenaniah Praise Dancers. Over the years, Juanita has ministered throughout the UK and abroad in the USA–Atlanta, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Houston, Texas, Philadelphia and Puerto Rico and more.

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Elder Juanita Francis later transitioned from dancing into speaking. With the full support and encouragement of her parents, Juanita began ministering the word at the tender age of 15 years old. Elder Juanita not only preaches but also teaches seminars such as ‘The School of The Prophets’ at her home church. An International speaker, Juanita has graced many platforms: Mount Calvary Holy Church; Bishop Alfred & Co-Pastor Susie Owens, CCFM Conference; Bishop Michael Blue, Youth Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) Conference, appearances twice on The Word Network, The Power House Ministry, Birmingham, UK, The COGIC East District Youth Convention, The “Worship Unrestrained” Conference in Puerto Rico, “Project Outpour”, Atlanta, GOHAOC Convocation, NJ, Zimbabwe, Conferences in Europe, such as Austria, as well as her home church, Ruach City Church, UK and many others.


In 2013, Juanita began presenting on Ruach Radio - “The Juanita Francis Show”.

In January 2016, Elder Juanita began her 5am Prayers, where people meet together all around the world to pray the heart of Jesus, with testimonies of healing of cancer, waking up from a coma, financial breakthroughs, insomnia and more.

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Elder Juanita also serves as a Praise and Worship Leader at her home church and as Youth Pastor, at Ruach City Youth Kilburn Location. She is also a Branding and Marketing Consultant and currently in the role of Brand Guardian for Ruach City Church.

On Good Friday, 2017, Juanita released her first single entitled; “Fall Afresh” which became number one on iTunes within 7 hours of its release. Following the success of her single, Juanita debuted this single on platforms such as opening up for Travis Greene in the UK, Daystar TV, Pentecost Sunday at the Potters House, Bishop Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes, Dallas TX, Atlanta, Connecticut, Philadelphia, First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Zimbabwe and more.


In September 2017, Juanita released her EP entitled “I Got My Wings" which features guests such as Bishop John Francis, Maranda Curtis and Cheryl Fortune.  This later followed “Fall Afresh Live, featuring Deon Kipping” being sung in churches across the UK.

Juanita has ministered and shared platforms with many amazing artists such as Donnie McClurkin, Maranda Curtis, Anthony Brown, Juanita Bynum, Deon Kipping, Zim Praise (Zimbabwe), JJ Hairston, Fernada Brum (Brazil), Fred Hammond, Za Za, Nic Vani (Lion King), Ntokozo Mbambo (South Africa), Volney Morgan and New Ye and more.


Three years on from the release of her chart-topping worship anthem “Fall Afresh”, Elder Juanita came back to the music scene with her highly anticipated heartfelt ballad “Surrounded”. Penned in 2018 during a season of deep personal despair, “Surrounded” was birthed from a word given to Juanita by God from Exodus 13:21. Hope was reborn, and faith stirred as God carried her through her “wilderness experience” just as He had done with the Israelites. Leveraging technology to record with the singers, band and producer across different geographical locations during the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge that saw Juanita stretched as an artist. Following in the footsteps of notable artists such as; the Beatles, Israel Houghton, Kanye West and Adele, who have recorded at the prestigious Abbey Road studios, Juanita fulfilled a personal 2020 goal by recording ‘Surrounded’ at the same iconic location.




In 2020, Elder Juanita launched 2 companies, Juanita Francis Ministry Shop with her Surrounded Clothing Line and Becoming Me Academy. BMA (Becoming Me Academy) is an academy for self- empowerment.


Juanita believes her calling is not confined to the ‘four walls of the church’ but to the Nations of this world. Her heart for Gods people is clearly evident through her passion and drive. Her desire is that through her ministry; whether preaching, singing or teaching she will see signs and wonders and lives changed, people healed and delivered, set free and fulfilling their purpose in BECOMING all that God has intended.


For Juanita, it’s simple – Your past doesn’t dictate your future, so there is no limit to what God can do with a yielded vessel and so she gives her all to the Glory of God.


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