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Welcome to Becoming Me Academy (BMA)

BMA is an academy for self-empowerment. The academy is for people from all walks of life, inspiring learning, education and growth in becoming the best versions of themselves. We provide a wide range of online courses from business, branding, music, to mentorship programmes and bible classes. We create a safe place for people to explore themselves and glean from others. 


Every course will end with a Q&A. 

This will provide an opportunity for people to respond to the session, hear from others, and contribute their own perspectives in an honest, friendly, and open environment.

  • Study with me - Hermeneutics 

  • Study with me - Homiletics (Preaching skills)

  • Cherub (Worship Theology) - Coming Soon 

  • iPrayalot Mentorship Programme 

  • Elder Juanita Francis mentorship Programme Coming Soon

BMA Courses 

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iPrayalot Mentorship Programme is an intensive three-month program designed to catapult you, mature, and ground you in prayer. For years Elder Juanita has experienced gatherings, church services, all night prayers, where people would pray and noticed that some would be disconnected as they were intimidated or unsure of how to pray or maintain a prayer life. According to the gospel of Luke 11:1, The disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. This suggests that prayer has to be taught. With this in mind, Elder Juanita has constructed a mentorship programme with biblical teaching as well as practical application to help you grow in your prayer life.


This program will be more than an educational platform that you will glean from but this will be a safe place for you to grow and strengthen your relationship in God through prayer. We aim to help build up your confidence in praying, whilst being a part of a community.


In this programme you will have access to resources ensuring your success in the iPrayalot Mentorship program. We pray that this program answers questions you have had for years and boosts your confidence in prayer. Thank you for entrusting Elder Juanita and the iPrayalot Mentorship Programme and with your spiritual development. We truly believe you will never be the same again. 

Here are the topics our iPrayalot Mentorship Programme will offer; 


 How to pray? 

  • Types of Prayer

  • How to pray? Why we Pray? 

  • How not to pray a miss 

  • Prophetic prayers

  • Spiritual warfare

  • Prayer of agreement 

  • Intercession 

  • Corporate Prayers & More 

Here are some other program features to look forward to:


  • Live stream & On-Demand Classes every Thursday 7PM GMT- 9PM GMT

  • Cases Studies 

  • Q&A Sessions

  • Guest Speaker(s)

  • Exams & Homework